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Production of apple is the main branch of fruit sector in Macedonia. The most important region for the production of apple is the Prespa region that is located at an altitude of about 850 meters. This region produces 90% of the total amounts of apple in Macedonia or about 80,000 tons.

The quality of Prespa apple is known and recognized around the world and confirmed by many analysis and quality control.

The most common variety of apple is Idared with about 63%, Golden Delicious 20%, 10% Red Delicious and other varieties with about 7%.

About 20% of the total production of apples is second class industry apple, which provides to our factory access to quality raw material for production of apple concentrate with high quality.


The Vita Res plant was opened on 27/10/2010 in Resen. Main activity of the factory is processing of fruit and vegetables.








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